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Consultants to the offshore energy industry


Risk Aversion & Protecting Investment

Paul Clasper and Associates

The company has developed services to provide accurate risk assessment, analysis and mitigation advice to protect stakeholder investment in new, and existing, offshore developments. Due to the enormous investments being made in two areas: next generation Gas, and Renewables, stakeholders such as Government agencies, Banks and Insurance companies are increasingly having to manage and protect their investments to ensure cost is controlled. 

Desk studies, data reviews and performance audits are prepared which look at the risk and consequence picture to prevent unnecessary development CAPEX and potentially reduced OPEX.

Consultancy, Management and Supervision of Offshore Surveys

Paul Clasper and Associates

Consultancy, Management and Supervision of Offshore SurveysOur industry experience and knowledge allows us to provide a variety of consultancy, management and supervision services for offshore surveys, as well as review of historic data, desktop studies, preparation of tender documentation and independent evaluation.
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Consultancy, Management and Supervision services.

Construction Supervision

Paul Clasper and Associates

Consultancy, Management and Supervision of Offshore SurveysPCAL provide experienced personnel to manage and supervise offshore construction, such as sub-sea pipeline installation and pipeline inspection to meet our clients' specifications and expectations.

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Construction Supervision services.

Subsea Pipeline Integrity Management

Paul Clasper and Associates

We assist management of the Integrity Cycle including data review, engineering analysis, inspection, intervention work, etc. We work in association with various small and large engineering companies for input into stability and fatigue life calculations enabling the client to assess risk and make qualified decisions on risk reduction.

Dive Safety Management

Paul Clasper and Associates

Changing attitudes in Diving Operations means that the HSE are placing more emphasis on the role of the Employer during diving operations. Whilst it is commonplace for an Operator to
use suitably qualified individuals to monitor the safety of its diving tasks there is now a demand to demonstrate that there is a comprehensive management system in place. This system should cover all aspects of a diving operation explaining the procurement of the Dive Contractor, including audits of the Dive Contractor’s own management system, reviewing procedures and ensuring that the work comes to a safe and satisfactory conclusion.
If your company is looking to develop an acceptable Management System, PCAL can guide you through the process.



Engineering Software Development

Paul Clasper and Associates

In-house software includes Precis for pipeline and cable routing.  The program allows the user to produce least-cost routing, minimise bathymetric datasets through import of GIS files and selective XYZ data import.  An initial route may be designed on screen and then modified dynamically with the mouse; pipeline curves and corridors automatically update to show the changing route in relation to the background information.  The longitudinal profiles change dynamically as the route changes and centre line profiles can be exported for further processing in bottom roughness analysis or to Google Earth for planning.  The package can also be used to assess spans/scouring and compute rock volumes for existing pipelines.

Principal services:

  • Least-cost route planning and post-survey design.
  • Geodetic and survey data quality assessment.
  • Span assessment and volume calculations.
  • Drafting of plans produced from topographical and cadastral surveys.

Downloads of the datasheet and trial licenses can be found here ...

Legal Support Services

Paul Clasper and Associates

PCAL provide assistance with dispute resolution by Mediation or the provision of Expert Witnesses for offshore engineering and survey disputes.

Paul Clasper has forty years of experience in the marine industry and is employed on Project Management teams for major oil and gas projects throughout the world. He is incorporated with the Engineering Council (Institute of Marine Engineers), is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and is an accredited Mediator. He has sixteen years training in adjudication in the Petty Sessional Division of Bath and Wansdyke.

His work in Dispute Resolution has included being an Expert Witness in international disputes concerning underwater pipelines in the Caribbean Sea, telecommunications cables in the Mediterranean Sea and the operation of deep water survey equipment in the Pacific Ocean. More recently he was in charge of a team of Lawyers and Engineers in preparing independent reports regarding cases of difference between an Oil Company and Project Management contractor.

Combining his technical background with his involvement in Arbitration and Mediation, Paul is able to provide an independent and objective view in cases of difference.

Find out more about this service at www.claspermediation.com.

Data Verification

Paul Clasper and Associates

PCAL provide an independent data verification and overflow processing for survey data to allow our clients to contract for acquisition only - using PCAL to process and produce the report. This has been established due to a growing issue where contractors are focused on acquisition and unable to process and report within the time-frames required by their clients.

Consultants to the Offshore Energy Industry
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